Football and Bingo?

If you’re looking for a great way to get everyone involved in a free bingo party, you may need to bring this classic game together with another American classic – baseball. Or football, soccer, or any other sports event that you enjoy with friends.

Here’s how free bingo and football can be combined to create a very enjoyable afternoon.

You can start by purchasing a football bingo game, or you can make up a game of your own for any sports event. If you want to create your own game, choose a series of potential plays and events that might happen during the game. For baseball, it could be that the “home team bats a single.” For football, it could be that the “home teams gets first down.” The events can be as general or as specific as you like.

Next, divide your events into five separate lists. Each list should have at least eight to ten possible plays to make the Free Bingo sports game as interesting as possible and so that everyone doesn’t bingo very early in the game.

You can make your own cards or use blank cards from a bingo supply company. The next step in creating your free bingo sports game is to enter five of the events from your lists on each column. Remember that if you have “home team achieves touchdown” on the “B” column for one player, it should not fall in another column on another card. (This is the same for the numbers of traditional Bingo.)

All that’s left to do now is to get this Free Bingo sports party going. Mark off the events as they happen, but remember that some wins are bittersweet. You may need the visiting team to make a touchdown to win your Free Bingo game, but that may also be the play that causes your home team favorites to lose their game!