Free Bingo Prizes

You may find that there are some great Free Bingo Game events out there and that some of those events offer some pretty incredible prizes. If you wonder how someone can afford to offer prizes at a Free Bingo Game, it can be summed up in one word – advertising. Here’s how it works.

An organization, group or even individual organizes a Free Bingo Game. By advertising the event as a Free Bingo Game – meaning the players don’t have to pay a fee to play – the response is likely to be much greater than if players are charged to pay. The fact that there are likely to be more people there gives the promoter of the event a greater amount of leverage with the companies that will be asked to provide prizes. But why would a company simply donate prizes for a Free Bingo Game? Again, it’s all about advertising.

For example, the XYZ Carpet Cleaning Company may donate a single room of carpet cleaning as one of the prizes to be given away during the Free Bingo Game event. When someone “Bingos,” they win the carpet cleaning. The name of the company, the value of the prize and details about the carpet cleaning will be announced when the prize is given away. It’s a captive audience, all listening to the information. But how can this benefit the XYZ Carpet Cleaning Company? Others who didn’t win figure they should call XYZ tomorrow and arrange to get their carpets done as well – a task they’ve been putting off for some time. And the winners may very well decide to have the rest of the house cleaned while the carpet cleaners are there.

So the next time you hear that there’s a free internet bingo game, don’t immediately assume that there won’t be any prizes. It could be than an enterprising coordinator has used the power of advertising to gain some great sponsors.