Bullshit Bingo

Bullshit Bingo

There’s a new craze bingo craze that’s sweeping the nation. Bingo cards are showing up everywhere. The number of websites dedicated to this new bingo craze seems to double almost everyday. Do you know what it is?

Yeah, yeah, you’re probably saying, I’ve heard all about internet bingo and all the benefits. By now you might even have your own online bingo account and a regular bingo room to play in. Hell, you might even be spending time in between bingo games right now reading this article. You’re probably at work, playing online bingo while your boss walks around with his foot up his ass. But this article isn’t about online bingo. This new bingo craze is something different you can do while listening to your boss spew spread business manure about ‘upselling’ and being a ‘team player.’

It’s Bullshit Bingo and it’s not only sweeping through corporate America, but it’s all over the world. Just look on the Internet and you’ll find website upon website devoted to Bullshit Bingo. But what exactly is it? Is it actually bingo?

Somewhat, but it’s a bingo created to keep you from the boring monotony of business bullshit. If you work in some kind of corporate firm you’ve been there before: the monthly meeting or the weekly sales ‘update’ where you and your coworkers sit around a round table listening to your boss, who has the strange ability of sitting at the head of a round table, blabber on in business slang. Now meaningless terms like ‘networking’ and ‘mission statement’ will be the highlight of your day, all because of Bullshit Bingo.

Several creative business people, I’d prefer to call them entrepreneurs, took the ideas of bingo and developed a new way to make it through your weekly board meeting without the aid of ridiculous amounts of caffeine. It all starts with the bingo card, and for Bullshit Bingo you can print one out directly from the Internet or you can create your own. The idea behind this bingo card is to fill the squares with business terms, things that your boss says on a daily basis, you know, like TPS reports. During the meeting, whenever your boss says a word that’s on your bingo card you can mark it off. I’m not sure a line of lucky daubers would fly in a business meeting, so you can use your pen. When you get a line across, down or diagonal you jump up and instead of yelling bingo you yell, as loud as you can, BULLSHIT!

All right, so maybe yelling bullshit during a business meeting isn’t the best way to win at bingo. But imagining your boss as a bingo caller has to be a much better way to make it through a meeting than doodling on your hand. And when it’s all over you can compare bingo cards around the water cooler and the winning bingo player can treat for the first round of drinks at TGIF’s happy hour.