Read the Fine Print

If you think that all Free Online Bingo sites are created equal, you should take a quick lesson in security, privacy and viruses.

Consider this scenario. You’re opening your email inbox when you find a message from “John” telling you about this incredible site for Free Online Bingo. Won’t hurt to click on the link to the Free Online Bingo site, right? Maybe.

Before you even open John’s email, be sure you know John and know that the email is clear. If you don’t have a good virus protection program, you shouldn’t open unknown and unsolicited emails at all. If you have the option of viewing the contents of the email without opening the message, do so.

You should never just click on the link provided in an unsolicited email from a person you don’t know. Even if the message is telling you about a free internet bingo site that gives away a million dollars every day, take a minute to be safe before you click on the link. In the first place, be wary of claims that seem incredible because they’re usually signs of a bogus email or website.

Run your mouse over the link without clicking on it. Many computer programs have an automatic message that will pop up either near your cursor or at the bottom of your window telling you where that link is going to take you. You may be expecting to go to Free Online Bingo.com, but your cursor may let you know that you’re headed to get-a-virus.com instead.

There are many reputable sites out there that have incredible Free Online Bingo and provide the services exactly as they advertise, and as you expect them to be. But there are also those sites that advertise Free Online Bingo as a way to lure you in. Before you start clicking on every link you’re offered, take a minute to consider the source and to evaluate where you’re headed.