Read the Privacy Policy

If you’re about to play internet bingo on a new site, you may very well be asked to register. There are many legitimate sites that ask you to register and then use that information to send you promotions. There are other sites that will sell, trade or share your information with dozens of other companies.

Most websites have an established privacy policy, and that policy should be in writing somewhere on the website. In most cases, when you are registering to play Internet Bingo you’ll be told that there is an existing privacy policy, usually with a link to go to that page to view the policy. What some websites do is to post the fact that they have a privacy policy knowing that most people aren’t going to take time to even scan that policy. Then they share, trade or sell your personal information to anyone and everyone. You can’t even complain because you said that you agreed!

The problem usually is that you’re so anxious to start playing Internet Bingo on this new site that you don’t want to take the time out to read the policy. The best advice is simple – Take the few minutes it’ll take to at least scan the policy. You probably don’t have to even completely read the policy, though it’s good to do so.

What can happen if the company does share, trade or sell your information? The worst case scenario is that you’ll be seriously scammed, be a victim of identity theft or financial fraud. The most common situation is that you’ll have a ton of emails, all spam, in your email box for the next hundred years.

Taking a few minutes to read and understand the privacy policy before you sign up to play Internet Bingo is simply a smart move. After all, you don’t want to waste precious time clearing spam out of your inbox when you could be playing Internet Bingo.