WIN at Bingo!

Win at Bingo

You’ve probably heard the odds of winning the lottery. Staggering number, huh? You’ve probably also heard the saying that the house always wins at a casino. But what about bingo? Have you ever heard what the chances of winning a bingo game are?

No, because the odds of winning at bingo change depending on a number of variables. Bingo is completely different than the lottery or casino gambling (all three of which can now be done online). With the lottery it’s a matter of one person getting lucky. The winning money isn’t always given away. With casino gambling it’s a matter of the gambler winning or the casino winning, and the casino almost always wins. With bingo somebody always wins the money.

Every bingo game ever played had produced a bingo winner. It’s in the rules of the game. The game doesn’t stop until somebody gets a bingo, until somebody wins. To win at bingo you just have to play bingo. Sure, the odds of you coming out ahead are pretty low, but the odds of getting the satisfaction of a win at bingo are significantly higher than any other type of online gaming.

It has been reported that 96% of the people who play bingo have won. That sounds like a ridiculous percentage of people winning at bingo, but consider the factors. A hypothetical bingo hall plays ten games a week. The same bingo hall has 100 regular players. In ten weeks 100 bingo games are played and won, since every game has a winner. The chances of not having a repeat winner are pretty slim, but that still gives all 100 regulars a chance to win at bingo. Over the course of the year there would be 5,200 bingo games played and won.

Now consider online bingo. The average internet bingo website plays a bingo game every couple of minutes, we’ll say ten to make it a round number. Ten minutes, 24 hours a day, that’s 144 bingo games everyday. That’s 1,008 bingo games every week. That’s 52,416 people winning at bingo every year. Never mind the fact that there are over 100 bingo websites out there.

Sure, the number of people that win at bingo doesn’t mean that every bingo player is raking in a bingo fortune. You can’t exactly make a living being a professional bingo player, but you can win at bingo. It’s a game of chance that you play for fun. Winning a bingo is just a bonus, and if you play, chances are that you will eventually win.