Beach Blanket Bingo

Beach Blanket Bingo

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but does the movie Beach Blanket Bingo have anything to do with bingo? I was searching the Internet the other day, trying to find a new online bingo website to try, when Beach Blanket Bingo popped into my search engine.

I think the funniest thing was that I had completely forgotten that Beach Blanket Bingo was a movie. The three words came to me and it just seemed like the perfect online bingo room. I went far enough to imagine how the bingo website would be designed. The main page had your choice of bingo card designs with a picture of a girl and a guy in bathing suits standing on a beach hugging or something. The choice of bingo card designs included an underwater theme, a surfing theme or a classic beach car theme. And inside the bingo room was great. Dick Dale or the Beach Boys would play softly over the bingo caller. The bingo caller would have a surfer boy voice and attitude. ‘That’s B-10 dude, like hang ten.’ Of course the chat room would be the main focus of this bingo game. With screen names like BigKahuna238567 and SurferChic43721, the conversation would be about the waves, with the occasional reference to how the bingo game was turning out.

But when my search engine results came back there wasn’t a bingo website in sight. Instead my brain was jogged with images of Annette and Frankie dancing the Beach Blanket Bingo. For a week straight whenever I would go to play bingo online, that stupid song would come into my head. You know, that bird song from Beach Blanket Bingo, ‘The bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word.’

That’s pretty much when I realized that I had bingo mania. When you take an old sixties surf movie and turn it into an online bingo room you know you have it. It’s not a problem, this bingo mania, it’s just the result of the online bingo explosion. If you think about, Beach Blanket Bingo is actually a good idea for a bingo website. You could have that stupid bird song playing, and Frankie and Annette can be the bingo callers. Maybe behind all the websites about the movie Beach Blanket Bingo there already is an internet bingo website. You never know, with this bingo mania, it may come out tomorrow, and I’d be ready to play it.