Common Internet Bingo Scams

There are literally millions of hits when you type “Internet Bingo” into any of the more popular search engines. With all those potential sites offering Internet Bingo, how do you choose? There are some things you can look for, some things that will alert you to a potential scam and some ways you can help protect yourself.

First and most importantly, never give your credit card or bank account information to a site if you can’t verify that the site is a legitimate Internet Bingo site. One way to be safe is to look for the “big names” that you recognize, but you can also check out any new sites before you sign up and pay your dues. A legitimate Internet Bingo site should offer contact information that works. You should be able to telephone the numbers and get real people or at least a quick call back to a message, and you should be able to send an email and receive a reply that’s not an automated message within a reasonable time. Even if the registration fee is relatively small, you’re handing out your personal finance information and could be setting yourself up for a major scam. Take time to check out the site. A legitimate site will still be in operation tomorrow after you’ve made certain this isn’t a teenager scamming anyone who offers up credit card info.

Evaluate the offers and promises. If you’re going to play bingo online for free, don’t expect huge payouts in return. You may very well be “eligible to win,” but few really good jackpots are going to be offered up for nothing. Remember that the goal of a gaming website owner is to make a profit. With advertising and sponsors, they may be able to offer some cash and prizes to the winners, but it’s not likely to be big. Be wary of any Internet Bingo site that just sounds too good to be true – it probably is.