Create Memories with Bingo

The popularity of bingo as a home game is undeniable, though it’s probably less so now than a few decades ago. If your family enjoys board games, or if you’ve been searching for a project that would entertain your kids while bringing their creative imaginings to the forefront, take a look at bingo as a possibility.

Not only is bingo a great game that almost anyone can learn to play, it’s also an incredible craft opportunity. Start with blank bingo cards. You can get these from a hobby shop, bingo supply center, online or you can make your own. One of the great things about Bingo is that the cards are simply grids of five squares by five squares. You can use a ruler to mark off your own grids. Card stock makes a great Bingo card, and it’s relatively inexpensive at most hobby shops, retail stores or office suppliers. Once you have your grid, it’s time to decide what you want your cards to look like. Think all Bingo cards have to have BINGO across the top? Not really. If you’re working on a Valentine project, use the word HEART or LOVEU.

Not only that, but you don’t really have to have numbers in the squares on your Bingo grid. You can find inexpensive stickers at many retail stores. Just be sure the stickers are small enough that they can fit completely within the lines of the grid, then stick them on the grid at random. It’s probably a good idea to limit the columns where different pictures can be placed. For example, the footballs, daisies, peppermint sticks and Christmas trees must all be under the “B” column. If you’re playing with very young children, consider changing the grid from twenty-five squares to only a three-by-three grid for a total of nine squares.

Let your youngsters decorate their Bingo cards any way they want. Creativity is the key, and you’ll finish this particular project with a game (or two?) of Bingo.