Online Bingo … Which to Play?

If you think every Online Bingo Game is the same, you obviously haven’t been looking at Bingo recently. Just as most games evolve over the years to become more challenging to those who play often, Bingo has come a long way over the last couple of decades. Just take a look at some of the Bingo games you’ll find online.

Traditional Bingo games in all its forms are available at a variety of websites. You can play bingo online in its purest traditional form, looking to cover a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Want to play a game that’s going to last a little longer? Try Cover Up. In this Online Bingo Game, you’ll be looking for all the numbers on your Bingo Card rather than just those in a single row.

Four Corners is another version you’ll find available as an Online Bingo Game. You’ll be looking for the numbers on the four corners of your Bingo card. Play so that you only get four draws, or choose a Four Corners game that allows you to play until someone covers their four corners.

Another Online Bingo Game is Six Pack or Postage Stamp. Six Pack requires that you match an adjoining set of six numbers in the shape of a six pack. Postage Stamp in the same principle, but with a set of four numbers.

In addition to these kinds of internet bingo games, you’ll also find some really new ideas that combine Bingo with video adventure or slot machines. Bingo Slots plays very much like a traditional one-armed bandit, except that you’re also given a Bingo card and each spin garners not only a chance to win with matching reels, but also gives you a Bingo number. You’ve essentially got two chances to win with this Online Bingo Game – at the slot machine or with the Bingo card. Just be careful that you don’t stand up and yell “Bingo” if your reels get you a win.