Beware the Free Bingo Scams

There are millions of sites dedicated to Free Bingo, many offering the opportunity to play for free and including promises of chances to win cash and prizes. Any site that offers something for free with the potential for returns should be viewed with caution. If you think that playing free bingo can’t possibly cost you anything, think again.

One of the more common scams for sites such as those touting Free Bingo and cash in the same sentence is that you can’t collect unless you pay a fee. So that still shouldn’t be a problem, right? After all, you can play Free Bingo as long as you want, and you’re not asked for money – unless you win. Then you may very well get a notice that says you’ve won a cash prize but that the company won’t pay up unless you take out a membership. So where’s the risk to you? Actually, there are several problems with this situation and you are likely about to be scammed if you pay your membership dues.

No legitimate company is going to let you play Free Bingo for weeks and then ask you to pay membership dues in order to receive a cash prize. A legitimate company may very well let you know that you can’t win any prizes unless you pay the membership fee, but they’ll notify you of that up front. They may very well entice you to join by pointing out when you would have won a prize, but it doesn’t make good business sense to allow someone to pay up their membership dues then pay out a cash prize.

More than likely, if you do pay up you’ll find that you still don’t qualify for some reason, or you’ll find that the “company” quickly takes advantage of your financial information to drain your bank account or make additional charges on your credit card. You may even find that the company “goes bankrupt” right after you pay up.

If you’re playing free internet bingo games, simply kick back and enjoy yourself. If you’re hoping to win big, look for the sites that offer prizes and pay your fees up front.