The Printable Bingo Card – Make the Game Your Own

The Printable Bingo Card is a really hot item, especially if you’re looking for a unique game to be part of a party, shower or any other event. You’ll find there are two basic options when it comes to the Printable Bingo Card. You can purchase or download blank cards that have nothing on them, or you can use blank card formats to create your own printed Bingo card. Here are descriptions and uses for both.

Many hobby shops, specialty store and even toy and game stores may be able to offer blank Bingo Cards. You can take those home with you to use in one of two basic ways. One way is to hand out the blank cards to your guests for games like “baby shower Bingo.” In this game, your guests write the name of a gift they expect the mom-to-be to receive during the shower. If that gift is unwrapped, the guest marks it off her card until someone Bingos. You may also give guests a list of letters or words to be posted on the card at random, allowing them to create a very unique card from a blank Printable Bingo Card.

Another way to use a Printable Bingo Card is to download the form onto your computer. Then you can fill in those blanks at random. Are you looking for a truly unique Bingo card? Start with the Printable Bingo Card, only forget letters or numbers. Put in photos of family and friends in each of the squares and allow guests to take the cards with them as a memento of the event. Instead of calling “B-2,” you’ll call out “Sally at the beach.” Since guests won’t want to black out spaces with a marker, be sure you have candies, pieces of paper, beans or some other way of marking off squares as they’re called.

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