Play Bingo with the Kids

If you’re looking for an incredible family game that will bring the generations together, you should play bingo. Think it’s going to be too easy for the older members of the family, too difficult for the youngest and too boring for everyone? Just consider how you can spice up the program to make playing bingo fun for all.

Start by keeping ages and ability in mind. If you have some very young children, you have a couple of options. You can choose a Bingo game with pictures instead of numbers. There are plenty of those games available, and even a three year old can understand how to place a sticker over the square with the birthday cake or the car.

If the children are a bit older but still not able to stand still for an entire Bingo game, you may want to Play Bingo with a smaller Bingo card. You’ll find some Bingo games with only nine or sixteen spaces rather than the twenty-five on a traditional Bingo card. That makes it easier to Bingo, meaning the little tykes (or anyone with a short attention span) don’t have to wait so long for a winner for each game.

If you have children of varying ages, you may find that dividing the goals is a good idea. For example, you may play simple Bingo for the smaller children, while playing “Cover Up” with the older kids. When the youngsters finish their Bingo, they can take a break, grab a drink or do something else while the older children (or adults) continue their game.

Another great thing about Bingo is that you can Play Bingo at any pace. Need to really slow it down to give the younger children time to look for their numbers? No problem. Want a fast paced game? Just call numbers more quickly. Or let the younger players Play Bingo with a single card while the older players have several cards.