Bingo in Canada?!?!

Bingo Canada

People play bingo in Canada? Yes, it’s true, the United States is not the only place where people play bingo. As a matter of fact, the game was invented (or the game modern bingo is based on) in Italy in 1530. Bingo began as the Italian lottery, but didn’t actually become bingo until it came to America.

It was in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929 when a traveling toy salesman named Edwin S. Lowe first witnessed a carnival game then called beano. Being the great American that he was, Lowe recognized the potential to mass market the game. He started a beano game in New York, where the word bingo was first cried. It was an accident really. When a line was covered (a bingo was had) the player was supposed to yell beano, being that that was the name of the game, but one woman was so excited that when the word left her mouth it turned into bingo. And thus the modern game of bingo began to grow.

And, sure, the game grew steadily in America to the point where internet bingo has become a popular forum, but the beauty of the World Wide Web is that it is worldwide. Though 90% of the online bingo players are said to be from the United States, there are websites rooted outside the US, and Bingo Canada is just one of them.

Once bingo got off the ground it took off as a fundraiser and just a fun thing to do. In the United States and abroad people started playing bingo once a week at churches, or firehouses, nonprofit organizations that could use all the extra funding they could get. And soon the profitable aspect of bingo became apparent. Bingo halls began forming, even in Canada, high stakes bingo games started, especially in Canada where casinos have always been legal, and online bingo just recently started its growth spurt.

Bingo Canada is one of the over 100 internet bingo websites that have popped up in the last five years. You don’t even have to be in Canada to play Bingo Canada. People living in both the United States and Canada can become members and play bingo online. Like many of the other bingo websites, Bingo Canada has different screen formats, ranging from space to a 50’s club, and has a live chat room during the game.

It’s hard to rank any of the 100 online bingo websites because it really depends on personal taste. Sure, I recommend trying Bingo Canada, but I also recommend trying Bingo House and some of the other bingo websites on the Internet. They all offer unique chat rooms and fun internet bingo games; they all have a different bingo card formats to choose from; it’s really a matter of trying them and seeing which one suits you best. And remember, with so many choices you don’t have to stick with the first one you find.