Make it a Family Affair

If you have a few sheets of paper, a ruler and some lightweight cardboard, you can make yourself a Free Bingo Game. And the great part is that you can easily make your game unique among Bingo games. Here’s how.

Using a sheet of paper or lightweight cardboard (cardstock works very well), create a graph that’s five rows wide by five rows high. Remember to leave room at the top of your card to write the word “BINGO.” This is your first step toward creating your Free Bingo Game.

Next, write the word Bingo across the top of the graph so that one letter heads up each column. In the very center square, write the word, “free.” Choose five numbers between one and fifteen. Write one of the five in each square under the letter “B.” The row under “I” will be the numbers between sixteen and thirty. There are only four squares under the letter “N” because the center square is marked “free.” The remaining four squares will hold numbers between thirty-one and forty-five. Numbers between forty-six and sixty will be under the “G” and numbers between sixty-one and seventy-five will make up the “O” row. You’re almost done creating your Free Bingo Game.

All you have to do now is to make seventy-five small squares and write the numbers one through seventy-five, one for each square. You can use any kind of container to hold the numbers that are to be drawn, and you can choose anything for marking the numbers on the individual Bingo cards – beans, small bits of paper or small candies work well.

If you want to make your Free Bingo Game unique, choose some other word to head the rows. “Heart” for Valentines Day or “Scare” for Halloween, for example. Then use words such as “vampire,” “pumpkin” or anything else related to the event instead of the numbers. It all adds up to a Free Bingo Game, specially created by you.