Three Eyed Bingo for a New Bingo Challenge

Are you a Bingo player looking for a new challenge? Then you’ve got to check out Three Eyed Bingo. This is a relatively new game to the Bingo world, though the idea has been around almost as long as Bingo.

Here’s how Three Eyed Bingo works. You start with Bingo cards that are just like regular Bingo cards, but with a couple of important differences. In most cases, the cards don’t have a “free” space in the middle, but have a large, staring eyeball. Some players call it funny while others seem to think the eye stares at them while they play! These cards may also have letters rather than numbers, though what’s on the card will depend largely on who sponsors the game.

Instead of trying to cover an entire row like traditional Bingo, you’ll be trying to match a particular pattern. Most online Three Eyed Bingo games set you up with three cards and you have to match that pattern on all three cards. In the case of online Bingo, the pattern will be marked on the card. Note that Bingo halls that play Three Eyed Bingo will typically play with regular Bingo cards because of the cost of printing cards with the patterns marked. You may also be trying to cover up a particular set of letters to spell some word.

Most internet bingo versions of Three Eyed Bingo go really fast – a game can be completed in less than five minutes at most sites.

In some cases, those promoting the game may simply use regular Bingo cards. In other cases, the promoters may have “Three Eyed Bingo” on the normal Bingo cards to help players remember that they have a different goal. If the game is played like this, there should be cards posted around the room with the desired pattern clearly marked.

As is the case with most Bingo games, the idea behind Three Eyed Bingo is merely to bring a new aspect to the game. If you play Bingo regularly, you know that this addictive game has an incredible following. But you also know that there are plenty of ways to “spice up” the Bingo game. It might be that games like Three Eyed Bingo are simply more challenging, but it also may be the simple fact that the end requirements are a bit different that has made this a popular game among Bingo players.