Valentine Bingo

If you’re looking for a great Valentine game, why not try out Valentine Bingo? There are several variations of this game and you can certainly spice up the party with the prize box.

There are two basic options for starting your Valentine Bingo game. You can simply use the traditional Bingo cards but use either heart-shaped pieces of paper, candy kisses or heart-shaped candies as Bingo dots to cover the appropriate squares, then add some Valentine goodies as prizes. But to really play Valentine Bingo, you need to start with the cards themselves.

You can print blank cards from any of several online sources or you can create your own Valentine Bingo cards with the help of your home computer. Instead of “BINGO” across the top, choose another word you associate with this season of love. “CUPID,” “HEART” or “LOVEU” are some suggestions. Next, make a list of at least 10 words for each letter. You can make the words start with that letter, or just choose words at random. Next, create a pull card for each letter. If you’re using CUPID as your word, you may have “C – Heart, P – Kisses and D – Love” among your choices.

Finally, you’ll make your cards placing the words at random. Be sure that your Valentine Bingo cards match your pull cards. If you use the word “kiss’ for the C line, be sure that it falls under the “C” on ever card. If you prefer, you can produce blank Bingo cards and allow your player to choose the words they want on their rows from your list. The result will still depend on the random selection of the pull cards, so there’s no way to “rig” a card to win.

Once you’re into the play mode, the only thing left to make your Valentine Bingo a real success is the prizes. Choose sexy gifts and small games, or allow the winner a kiss with another player of his or her choice! It is, after all, the season of love.