Bingo: Not Grannie’s Game Any More

Walk into a bingo hall and you’ll likely be greeted by a woman who looks like the one on the left. Most bingo halls have players made up of middle-aged and elderly ladies searching through countless bingo cards in hopes of landing that prize.

One would think that the same demographic plays online bingo, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most internet bingo games are played by women in their thirties. Kind of like the woman on the right. Lots of women who work full-time use online bingo as a way of relaxing after a long day on the job.

The bingo chat community is especially attractive to the players. Most experts note that the internet bingo chat element is a critical one when attracting new players. “Having a good monitor on your online bingo chat is a big plus. The players make friends with each other and it’s like a sorority,” said Curt, marketing director of BingoHouse.com.