Britain’s Largest Land-Based Bingo Operator Upgrades Online Bingo Site

With tens of millions of British bingo lovers patronizing its 175 bingo halls across the UK, Gala Bingo is the largest land-based operator in the land. With the emergence of internet bingo over the past few years, Gala has also been running internet bingo games for over five million registered players.

Gala has invested in enhancing its online presence with an upgrade of its internet bingo site. While the just-relaunched Gala bingo website continues to offer its loyal members and new players the same fun bingo games and web chat features, what has changed is the quality of these offerings.

Bingo players now have the chance to win up to £250,000 and prizes like brand new cars. And with regard to the chat function, players with the gift of gab can now chew the fat with a different celebrity each week. To check out Gala’s new online bingo site, visit galabingo.co.uk.