Online Casino Bingo Growth Continues

Bingohouse.com has announced that the popularity of their internet bingo sites is growing as traditional bingo hall players continue to prefer the convenience of playing at home, where they can still chat to their friends and win big money jackpots without leaving the house.

Vice President of Player Support at BingoSuite.com, Mike Jacobs commented, ‘We have seen people you would never have expected to find online chatting and picking cards for hours. It’s really a fun and laid back atmosphere for players to come and talk with new cyber friends and collect some lucrative jackpots.”

Jacobs continued, “Like Bingohouse many new online bingo parlors are becoming the main stop for a night’s fun and leisure spending for millions of people across the map. It’s becoming a much wider demographic of players and surprisingly, Jacobs tells us more and more men are finding the games enjoyable and relaxing. ‘We have some really neat Slots and games for players looking to try their luck and double up on the night’s winnings. There is really something for every one online of they are looking to expand their love for Bingo.’