Bingo Calls

Although no list of bingo calls are definitive, here is Gambling Online Magazine’s round up of the different calls you might hear if you’ve gone from daubing tickets in Florida to daubing cards in London.

Game Variations: Different ways that a game can be played, such as Double Bingo, Triple Bingo, Coverall, Progressives and Hardway. Each variation has a specific set of rules, which are listed in the game program.

Hall Ball: First number drawn at the beginning of the bingo session.

Hardway Bingo: Bingo in a straight line without using the free space.

Double Hardway: Bingo in two straight lines on the same card without using the free space.

Jackpot: A big prize usually awarded by winning a difficult pattern, such as the blackout, in a specific number of balls.

Progressive jackpot: A jackpot that grows until it is won and requires a separate buy-in.

Minimum Buy-In: The minimum dollar amount you must spend to be eligble for prizes.

Money Ball: A number drawn before the game that doubles your winnings if bingo is called on that number.

Pattern Bingo: A specified pattern you need to cover on the bingo card in order to win the game, such as Letter X, Letter T or Blackout.

Rainbow Pack: Packet of assorted-colored bingo cards that allow players for more than one prize denomination at once. Blue cards are the least expensive, then red, green and tan which pays the top bucks.

Outside Square: A large square bingo pattern. Player must mark all numbers in the B and O rows and the top and bottom lines on the same card in order to win.

Inside Sqaure. A small sqaure bingo pattern. Player must mark all the numbers surrounding the free space in the I, N and G columns.

Validation: After a called bingo to determine player’s eligibility for the award.

Wild Number: The wild number is determined by the first number called in a game. For example, if the first number called is G47, then all numbers ending in 7 will qualify as a wild number adn should be daubed on all bingo cards. Wild numbers are often used when playing double bingo, where a player must bingo twice on the same card to win.