Family Reunites Through Online Bingo

Bingo is a favorite past-time for many people. Families and friends all enjoy gathering in the local bingo hall or jumping online to engage in a game of bingo. Recently, as a result of online bingo chatting, an exciting reunion occurred between two long-lost sisters-in-law.

Jenny Rochester, formerly of Wales, and Paula Court, who still lives there, lost touch with each other about six years ago after Paula divorced Jenny’s older brother, Mike. During her marriage to Mike, Paula became fast friends with Jenny, and used to go play bingo with her in the local bingo hall. Upon her divorce, however, Paula lost Jenny’s contact information in New Zealand, where she and her husband, Kevin, had moved in the interim. Six years later, while playing internet bingo, Paula took notice of a player called “jenroc” (Jenny’s online bingo screen name) who had just won a game, and sent a congratulatory message.

The chat evolved into an e-mail swap, and, in continued conversation, the two sisters-in-law eventually recognized each other. In touch again after six long years apart, both Paula and Jenny are thankful that bingo was able to bridge a distance gap of over 10,000 miles and bring them back together online.