Online Bingo Players Win Big Over Easter

April 21 – Tiki Bingo reports a monster Easter weekend. The internet bingo hall saw five of their bingo players ending up with huge jackpot wins, which added up to $10,000. The action took place in their now famous bingo hall, the Cabaña Café.
‘nick22225′, who won a whopping $3230 was quite surprised when he hit the big one. “I was stunned when I won. That sort of thing never happens to me, so I was quite dumbfounded.” he said.

Tiki Bingo and the Bingoland Network had a huge $25,000 must-be-won Easter weekend. There were two ‘Golden Egg Games’ with a $5000 must go prize each. In addition there were 15 ‘Eggciting Games’ with $1000 must-go prizes along with many great bingo specials.

One of the cool features about Tiki Bingo is that players can pre-buy their bingo cards for specific games. So even if a player is unable to ‘make the game’ because of other obligations, their cards will still be played with the chance to win.

Tiki Bingo players were encouraged to pre-buy cards during the busy Easter weekend, especially for the big jackpot games. When asked about pre-buying cards, Tiki Bingo’s spokesperson said, ‘We want our players to win and we want them to win big! So giving them the option to pre-buy and automatically play cards is perfect, especially for a big weekend like Easter. The opportunity to take home your share of $25,000 is one that no one wants to miss!?’
Other big jackpot winners at Tiki Bingo this weekend were icgold who won $2011, eaglesfan5 and whome59 with $2000 wins and commanderp who won $1000.

With such large jackpots being given away so often, online bingo players have a good shot to hit the big one at Tiki Bingo.

Tiki Bingo’s big $3230 jackpot winner nick22225 said it best, “If I can do it so can you!”
Tiki Bingo is a member of an independent off shore operation which is part of the land based Christchurch Casino Group, who also owns Kiwi Casino and Fast Win Casino. This relationship brings with it over a decade of experience in the land based gaming industry and Kiwi Gaming’s five years online make it one of the industry’s pioneers. As part of New Zealand’s most prestigious casino organization, Christchurch Casino Group ‘s land-based gaming and hospitality interests attract visitors from around the world including the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, Europe, Japan and Asia.