Online Bingo Site Gives Away Brand New Computer

Yvonne R. from Michigan has won the first of three computers to be given away during Kiwi Bingo’s latest promotion – The Great PC Giveaway.

Yvonne was left speechless by the news that at she was a winner of a brand new Dell computer complete with 17-inch LCD Flat Screen Monitor. ‘I answered my phone while at work and lovely voice came across and said she was from Kiwi Bingo…Then she told me I won a Dell computer! I was speechless. I wanted to shout for joy but I was at work,” she said.

A Kiwi Bingo spokesperson was equally excited in saying, ‘It’s great to be able to give back to our players. They are all so loyal and friendly. Making people happy is what Kiwi Bingo is all about. And to be able to send one of them a great big box with a computer in it – now that’s just awesome!’

Run as three separate, three-week prize draws from March 20 – May 21 2006, there are still two more computers to be given away at the internet bingo site, Kiwi Bingo.

Entry into each prize draw can be gained with a $20 deposit at Kiwi Bingo, and another entry is earned for every additional $20 deposited. To boost players’ chances of being picked even more, five free entries will be given to a player once they reach 10 prize draw entries.