Bingo House on Wikipedia

Bingo House is a five year old online bingo site that provides bingo enthusiasts with a chance to try their luck online. Bingo cards can be purchased for as little as a dime and players have a chance to win money.
Online bingo, however, is much more about having fun and meeting new players than hard-core gambling. Most of the players become very good friends through Bingo House’s chat rooms. The chat room really creates a community aspect to the site. A big part of the community is the online moderators who are there to assist the players with any advice and cure any technical problems. Most important, however, the moderators are usually the first ones to congratulate you when you win the bingo game.

Internet bingo sites are taking bingo into the new millenium. This is not your Grandma’s bingo club in a smoky fire hall. This is about upscale and vibrant people wanting to have a little fun and excitement in a clean environment on the internet.