Keeping Your Mind Sharp with Online Bingo

Online Bingo is the game to play if you want to stay mentally sharp when approaching late middle or old age. Not only that, recent studies have shown that certain social activities such as online bingo can actually increase life span by as much as 20%. This is certainly great news for bingo players the world over whether they play internet bingo or the land based version.Recent psychological studies done at the University of Southampton in the UK show that regular bingo players do better on mental tests than non players. Not only did that, at certain tasks older players did much better than their younger counter parts. Bingo whether online bingo or land based bingo requires, fast reactions, hand- eye coordination, mental speed, and intense concentration.

The study showed that age related decline in mental abilities is partially due to a lack of use and since internet bingo requires the use of many mental abilities it can significantly slow the decline associated with aging. To quote one researcher, “Bingo players, whether young or old, were faster and more accurate than non bingo players on many tests of cognitive function. Moreover, in certain tasks older bingo players significantly outperformed younger players”.

The news for bingo players is nothing but good. Recent studies at Harvard University have shown that social activities such as online bingo can increase life span by 20%. Another psychology researcher at Southampton University is currently running tests to measure the psychological benefits of online bingo. Researchers have compared online bingo to such games as chess and bridge and found significant differences in required skills. Chess and bridge require “stored” skills that are learned and remembered over time but do not provide the quick mental reactive abilities required in online bingo. Studies are taking place to determine the benefits of bingo to residents of long term care facilities.
Studies have been done, rests have been performed, experiments made, and the evidence is in. No matter whether you’re young or old, online bingo is good for the mind. Playing bingo, online or traditional, will keep your mind sharp.