Space Bingo Anyone?

Space Bingo Anyone?The launch of the privately funded Genesis 2 spacecraft, while of minor interest to the general public, should be of particular interest to bingo players the world over. Among the unusual items the space capsule will carry are, South African flat rock scorpions, a farm of California red harvester ants, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and last but not least, a space bingo game. The launch took place at 11:02 EDT (1502GMT) at the Yasny Launch Base near Orenburg Russia. The probe was finances by the Las Vegas based Bigelow Aerospace. The spacecraft is a prototype that the company hopes to develop for commercial use in the future.Mr. Robert Bigelow, the owner of Bigelow Aerospace originally launched the space bingo project as a way to excite the public about the potential of space commercialization. While bingo, whether land based or online, is a relatively simple game, the project engineers faced several challenges. Developing the space bingo game took about a year. To quote one employee,” The bingo payload is essentially a small robot performing a game sequence”. To overcome the lack of gravity in space a series of fans and other devices were used and are described as a complex network of mechanical and electrical parts designed to work in microgravity.

Probably the best aspect of the space bingo game is it’s accessibility to the public. Ground control will download the games via. Satellite-to-ground communications systems. Players will be able to place space bingo by accessing the Bigelow Aerospace website. The world of bingo is never stagnant. New games are now the norm and the variations on a simple game seem to be never ending.