Online Bingo Players and Superstitions

For years bingo players have been trying to seduce lady luck using various charms, and superstitions. Bingo essentially is one of the few pure games of chance and players have come up with unique and sometimes eccentric ways of bending the odds in their favor.

In land based bingo halls some players will have their “lucky seat”. Even though there is no basis in fact some players will swear that they win more if they sit in a certain place. There have even been some serious incidents when another player happens to sit in a seat designated by another player as their “lucky seat”.

In the internet bingo world the equivalent would be using a certain chair that the player feels is “lucky”. There may be some basis in fact for this particular superstition. If a player feels comfortable in a certain spot or chair they are more likely to feel more at ease and be able to concentrate more.

Many bingo players, whether they play internet bingo or the land based equivalent, have their own “lucky numbers”. Just like lottery players bingo players will use birth days, calendar dates, or combinations of numbers that for whatever reason are considered lucky.

A vast majority of brick and mortar bingo players carry various lucky charms with them when they play and online bingo players are no exception. Lucky charms can be any inanimate object ranging from various articles of clothing to the traditional rabbits foot. A visit to any bingo hall will reveal a stunning array of articles used as lucky charms. Outlandish clothing, four leaf clovers, stuffed animals, dice, coins, and dolls, are just a few of the articles observed in the typical bingo hall.

Online bingo players are not much different. Conversations in online forums and chatrooms reveal a wealth of information. Players will often discuss what they are wearing, what objects they consider to be “lucky” and the ones they are using at the time.

Bingo, whether online or land based, is essentially a game of chance. Superstitions aside, there are many things a player can do to increase the odds in their favor. For example playing more cards in a game with few players can increase the chances of winning significantly. Many sites allow the prospective player to see how many players are participating in a particular game.

Playing very early in the morning or very late at night when there are fewer players can increase the chances of winning. Players should ever play more bingo cards than they can keep track of. If a player cannot give attention to all the cards in play it is a waste of time and resources.

No matter how many players in a game, simply playing more cards can slightly in crease the chances of winning. Again, avoid overcrowded games and be sure to play non duplicate cards. Allowing the computer to play the game minimizes the chance of mistakes, and ensures that the player does not miss any called numbers.

Weeknights have fewer players and although the big money games usually take place on weekends the chances of winning during the week are greater. On weekends playing more cards and letting the computer do the work increases the chance of winning slightly

Each bingo player has their own particular combination of superstition and strategies. No matter what combinations of lucky charms or strategies a player may choose they all make an enjoyable game more interesting and fun and that’s what online bingo is all about.