Too Stupid for Bingo

Can you imagine someone too stupid for bingo? Well, look no further than Kevin Federline better known as the rapper K-Fed. ABC actually had to cancel a “celebrity” edition of their show “National Bingo Night”. It seems that K-Fed was unable to understand the rules of the game. Network insiders frequently refer to this show as “a less intellectual version of ‘Deal or No Deal’ which is a serious understatement. Producers revealed that they had never considered the possibility that someone would be too dumb to play.

“Our research showed that Kevin Federline is very popular with our core demographic: 18-35 year-old women who have failed the GED test at least twice and are preparing to work the night shift at Taco Bell,” said host Ed Sanders sarcastically. Mr. Sanders also stated “It never occurred to us to ask whether he was capable of picking numbers”. Talk about Pathetic!

The whole taping of the show was described as a complete disaster. The first game K-Fed attempted to play required him to guess whether numbers that came up would be red or blue. When asked to pick red or blue K-Fed repeatedly pointed to red or blue items on the set and at one point pulled down his pants to point out that his boxers were red. Then he started rapping one of his own songs and forgot the words. A real intellectual giant this one! Mensa reject of the month.

K-Fed attempted to play another game and ended up getting stuck in the chute the bingo balls came out of. The co-host Yesenia Adame attempted to free him and ended getting stuck herself. The host Sanders said” We’ve learned our lesson that we should follow the example of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ where they make the questions easier for the stars.” And these are people who make statements on current news topics that we’re expected to take seriously.

It makes one wonder if K-Fed would be able to play bingo online which requires the players to be literate and have computer skills. The lack of basic intellect shown by some of these ‘stars’ never ceases to be entertaining and appalling at the same time.