Great Source of News for Online Bingo Players

For all of us who play online bingo or work in the industry and are seeking current information Bingostreet has got to be one of the best sources for up to date news. The author of these daily articles is Mr. John Witherspoon who must spend incredible amounts of time researching material. Mr. Witherspoon writes colorfully about all topics of interest to both players and those on the business end of online bingo.

Probably the best example of Mr. Witherspoons issue specific coverage is the reporting of the fallout from the recently passed Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the US. This act has affected online bingo in a variety of ways and no matter what the issue Mr. Witherspoon is on top of it. The articles are usually short and sweet but contain a wealth of information.

The Neteller saga was followed closely by both players and site owners for obvious reasons. Players were concerned about funding and withdrawals and site owners stood to lose a major portion of their business. Bingostreet was easily most valuable source for current information. Although written from the point of view of someone located in the UK the series of articles provided valuable information to those of us located in the US.

Almost nothing in the world of online gaming escapes Mr. Witherspoon’s attention. Recent articles cover topics ranging from the current prosecution of the owner of Betcha.com, Malta’s boom in gaming licensing, to reports on gaming stock on the London stock exchange. These compact articles are sure to keep gaming aficionados well informed.

Other topics covered by Mr. Witherspoon at Bingostreet range from celebrity gossip to well written reviews of various online bingo websites. Often the articles are very humorous such as the recent article about Pete Doherty the singer from the rock group Babyshambles who seems to be incapable of staying out of trouble.

For internet bingo players and site owners Mr. Witherspoon and Bingostreet are one of the most valuable resources on the internet.

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