Bingo for Curious Kids

Just the other day while searching for bingo related topics to write about I happened upon a site that is so unique that I had to tell all those inveterate bingo players about it. www.uncommoncourtesy.com is a site selling bingo games geared to a wide variety of purposes. The site proudly boasts 200 different kinds of bingo games all with different themes.

I honestly thought I had read and written about all the different variations on the traditional bingo game until I happened upon this site. It is well known that bingo is used for educational purposes in Europe (especially Germany) but the volume of different themed bingo games offered by uncommoncourtesy.com is staggering.

In the past I have written about some of the stranger forms of bingo such as Bob Dylan bingo, Buzzword (or bullshit) bingo, and bingo in space, to name a few. It would appear that the game of bingo can, and has been, adapted for just about any purpose. Some of the more obvious variations are seasonal and holiday based themes.

One intriguing group of bingo games deal with themes related to teaching diversity. Some of the games that fall in this category are, Black History Bingo, Hispanic Heritage Bingo, American Women Success Stories Bingo, and Diversity Moments Bingo. The stated purpose behind these games as stated on the site is “Promote the idea that learning more about and respecting the differences in others are the cornerstones for acceptance and tolerance.” A worthy goal indeed!

Other games offered have religious themes from teaching the Bible to games to teach Catholic education. There are games to teach both the old and new Testaments, Bible verses and Books, and there is “L’ Chaim Bingo” to teach the tenets of Judaism.

There are Math Bingo, Accounting Bingo, Money (coin counting) Bingo and others to teach basic life skills to the young. The science and nature games could easily put any child ahead of their class in these subjects. There are games to teach just about any basic life skill. I never that bingo could be adapted to teach so many subjects until I looked at this website. All the games are well designed with great graphics and a thorough explanation of each game.

Not only do these games make learning fun but they can also instill a lifelong love of bingo. Most importantly they make learning fun which translates into higher grades and more proficiency in the subjects covered by these fantastic games. Internet bingo players with children would be well advised to check out the wide selection of fun and educational bingo games.