New Features on BingoHouse!

BingoHouse has just added new features to its already wide variety of games and promotions. These new features will allow players the opportunity to win more cash than ever before. Probably the best of the new features is “Speedy Bucks”which will allow players to purchase more cards and win more money.Here’s how it works. Players receive Speedy Bucks when depositing to their respective game accounts during special promotional periods when announced. Speedy Bucks are gone at midnight so players should use them to buy as many cards as possible. Speedy Bucks that are left over will be pooled for the TOE (Top of Evening) game that occurs at 11:54 PM. (EST) Left over Speedy Bucks will be used to beef up the jackpot in the Top of Evening game making the jackpot much larger than usual. Imagine the jackpot if everyone uses their Speedy Bucks!

Combining both cash and Bonus Bucks equals SUPER PRIZE. Simply put, with more Bonus Bucks players can play more games and win more cash.

With the new More Winners features game runners up win half the jackpot in bonus bucks. Just showing up in the game room can win players great consolation prizes at the end of each game.

If you love Bingo you probably also love its first cousin Keno! In Keno players pick the numbers first and this ever popular fast paced game is sure to be an exciting experience. BingoHouse is pleased to offer this exciting game in its micro version.

While many internet bingo sites remain static for months at a time BingoHouse is constantly introducing new games and promotions designed with the player in mind. If you haven’t tried internet bingo games before BingoHouse is the best place to start.