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Finding accurate information about online bingo sites can be a daunting task for both experienced and novice players. Using the search term “online bingo” the searcher is confronted with 8,130,000 sites to be examined. There are several bingo portal sites that collect information on the various sites saving the player time and effort. One of the higher ranked bingo portals is WhichBingo.com.Whichbingo.com researches the various online bingo sites, writes reviews, and provides a wealth if information related to internet bingo. Whichbingo categorizes the information into a very user friendly directory. The site has information of value to both online and land based bingo players. The world of internet bingo games is international in scope and Whichbingo reviews sites from around the globe.The directory itself is divided into four categories which are 1.Bingo Directories, 2. Bingo supplies, 3.Land based Bingo, and 4.Online Bingo. Each category leads to several sub categories. For example the Online Bingo category is divided into seven sub categories. All topics are covered thoroughly and are easy to read and avoid technical jargon.Deposit bonuses and promotions are listed and most of the information is current. Various sited can list their current bonuses and promotions on Whichbingo saving the player the task of researching hundreds of sites.

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