Bingo Chat Rooms

Everybody knows that bingo is a very social game. Land-based bingo players report that a night out at the bingo hall is part of their weekly social event calendar. Head down to the local bingo hall, see your friends, smoke a few cigs, and hope that you go home with more money in your pocket than you came with.
The same is true with online bingo. The chat room is critical to the success of the internet bingo site. About 60% of of players of internet bingo games actually participate in online chat while playing bingo. The rest watch the chat and many think the chat room is “cliquey.” But, one thing is for sure: if you don’t participate in bingo chat, you probably are watching the bingo chat. I mean, who can’t help but watch what is being said.
Here’s a question for you: what is the craziest thing that you’ve ever seen being discussed in a bingo chat room? I can tell you that from what I’ve seen, almost no topic is taboo when a bunch of bingo playing women get together, especially on sites like BingoHouse that permit adult chat in its Desperate Lounge.
I’m a pretty liberal guy, but I too have been shocked by some of the discussions in the racy bingo Desperate Lounge.