Ain’t Technology Wonderful!

Most of us have some sort of cable television and internet service and have seen rates rise rapidly in recent years. More often than not cable companies have a monopoly in the areas they serve. A quick glance at just about any cable bill will reveal vague fees and charges above and beyond the basic service provided. If you’re tired of ever increasing cable bills and have an internet connection there is a solution.

www.networktv.us is offering software that will allow users to access television stations worldwide, a massive library of movies (the site says over 80 million), and over 90 million songs in MP3 format ready for immediate, legal download. What makes this software so intriguing is the one time charge for the software and no monthly fees of charges. With the advent of big screen monitors many people already do most of their TV watching on their PC’s. The internet is the future of television and in the near future will become the primary media worldwide.

When most cable users want to watch a specific movie there is usually a charge well above what a video rental store would charge. With the software being offered by Networktv.us users may download over 80 million movies or burn them to disks legally. Users may also download songs and choose from a library of over 90 million songs.

The average cable bill nationally is $60 or more. Nationaltv.us is offering their software at an introductory price of $14.95. Even at the regular price of $79.95 users of this software could save a considerable amount of money over time. Unlike cable it’s a one time fee with no monthly bills, hidden charges, or dishes to install. Another very interesting feature of this software is the ability to watch television worldwide. The internet has made it possible for users to watch programs from just about any country in the world.

So if you’re playing at your favorite internet bingo hall and find yourself in need of a little diversion this software is for you. The internet is the future of television and this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor at a very reasonable price.