Flying High with Online Bingo

It’s that time of year and many internet bingo players will be making the annual trek to spend the holidays with family and loved ones. Many players will be flying the crowded holiday skies. Flying nowadays is less than a pleasant experience. Crowded airports, rude TSA screeners, indifferent flight attendants, and packed flights all contribute to making flying a less than pleasant.

According to recent news reports, players of internet bingo games will soon be able to pursue their favorite pastime while flying. Ryanair based in Ireland has been offering online bingo to its passengers since 2006. Players may play using hand held devices for jackpots that can reach $380,000. These in flight games have become immensely popular with travelers and other European carriers have stated their intention to offer similar services to their passengers.

The US based carrier Jet Blue has just announced its intention to offer passengers WiFi access to online gaming services including online bingo halls. Jet Blue services most major US cities and is teaming up with Yahoo and RIM for the initial offering and services will be limited to those offered by the two companies. Passengers will have the ability to bet on sports, play online poker, and of course, online bingo.

This is great news for online bingo players! Being able to indulge in a favorite pastime will go a long way to make flights tolerable not to mention the possibility that a player could get off the flight richer than when they boarded.

No matter where you plan to be during this holiday season, all of us at BingoLingo wish you happy holidays.