Listen to Your Stepmother!

The campaigns for the presidency have been exciting and for the Democrats there is still no front runner. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are running even and it remains to be seen who will be the Democratic nominee. On the Republican side it appears that Senator McCain will be the nominee. For those who like to play internet bingo and poker this election could free these players from the draconian Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA).

No candidate has taken a clear position on online gaming and online players are left wondering where the candidates stand. Senator McCain has not made mention of online gambling and the Republican Party is divided on the issue. The libertarian wing opposes most government regulation especially where it concerns personal choices while the social conservatives oppose gambling in any form be it online or land based.

On the Democratic side Senator Clinton has said that the issue should be studied with the end result being regulation and taxation of internet gaming. Barack Obama, an accomplished poker player, has expressed concerns that the internet is a “wild west of illegal activity” but supports the idea of an unbiased study on internet gambling.

Recently it has been revealed that Obama’s step mother, who lives in England, enjoys playing bingo. Bingo is wildly popular in the UK both online and at brick and mortar bingo halls. Kezia Obama, originally from Kenya, lives a quiet life in Bracknell and enjoys socializing at the local bingo hall. Very few of her neighbors know she is related to Senator Obama. She is following the presidential race closely and says “When your stepson has a chance of being the President of the United States, it’s so exciting you have to watch it”.

This presidential race is very important for internet bingo and poker players. As it stands now Senator McCain has no clear position while Senators Clinton and Obama favor regulation and taxation. With his skill as a poker player and a stepmother who enjoys a game of bingo Senator Obama would probably be more in favor of legalizing online gambling.

Should Barack Obama become the next president of the United States? Online players in the US hope he will listen to his stepmother and allow them their internet bingo games and poker games.