A Great Bingo Dictionary

Writing about bingo and online bingo can be very limiting as many who write content for internet bingo sites and portals know all too well. Bingo is a very narrow subject and writers can be hard pressed to find interesting original material. Internet bingo games some interesting opportunities for webmasters to provide original content.

Online bingo chat rooms have developed acronyms and a slang vocabulary peculiar to bingo alone. Land based bingo has also developed a language all its own and first time visitors to bingo halls are often confused be the slang the callers use. In the UK this ‘bingo dialect’ has been elevated to a fine art.

Recently the online bingo portal www.bestbingosites.net published a very interesting collection of bingo sayings, slang, and terminology. This collection of various terms is a must for the novice player especially those planning a visit to a land based bingo hall.

Here is a link to the entire article—enjoy!