Online Bingo Questions Answered

Land based bingo halls are closing at an alarming rate both in the UK and the US. One of the main factors cited is the recent passage of smoking bans in both countries. Many of these former patrons are switching to online bingo. Many of these people are new to the online world and are understandably suspicious of online sites. Such concerns as privacy and security rank highly with new internet bingo players.

The online bingo portal www.bingoplayeronline.com has an excellent article that answers many of the questions new players of internet bingo games have about the various bingo websites. The article answers the most frequently asked questions new online bingo players have. Questions like; do they accept US players? How secure is the site and where is it licensed? If the site is in another country what currencies do they accept? Will I have to download software? All these questions and more are answered in a complete, easy to understand manner.

This short, easy to read article should answer most questions that those new to the world of have. Here is the link to the actual article-online bingo