Does Online Bingo Spell the End for Traditional Bingo Halls?

The UK market has always loved to play bingo, this is apparent from the many “bricks and mortar” bingo halls that have been so popular throughout the UK. However, these establishments are under increasing pressure these days, in most part due to the unprecedented rise in popularity of online bingo games.

Another major factor in the current decline of the old school bingo halls was the recent UK wide smoking ban. Many bingo players felt that they would rather play internet bingo in the comforts of their own home, where they could also enjoy a cigarette, than keep going to the local halls. A win for the health of a nation has most certainly be a loss to the bingo operators!

It’s a sad truth but the old British past time of going down to the bingo hall is in severe decline. Gala bingo is shutting down many of their smaller and less profitable halls, which is forcing more and more players to play bingo online. Personally I don’t ever think land based bingo will be totally lost, I believe it will go through a major