No Shit!!

Bingo is an ancient game that has evolved over the centuries to the game that most of us know. Bingo has been adapted for a number of purposes sometimes with humorous and entertaining results. There are political bingo games, bingo games based on rock music, games based on lifestyles (hipster bingo) and bingo games involving animals. Two of the most popular bingo games involving animals are, chickenshit bingo, and cow patty bingo.

In the game of chickenshit bingo a space is fenced off and a grid the same as a traditional bingo card is laid out. Chickens are then introduced into the enclosed area and whenever a chicken defecates on a square it is considered as marked much like traditional bingo. Cow patty operates in a similar manner but due to the size of the animals involved the grid area is significantly larger.

Cow patty bingo is very popular in rural America and is used primarily as a fundraising tool for various charitable organizations. Cow patty bingo can be quite unpredictable due to the nature of the animals involved. Recently in Burlington, North Carolina a couple of constipated cows forced the rescheduling of an American Red Cross game of cow patty bingo.

People that enter choose a square and if one of the cows poops in their square they win $1,000! Unfortunately neither cow was cooperative and chose not to poop until they were loaded in the truck for the return trip home. Suzanne Phillips expressed surprise at the non delivery of patties given the fact that cows have four stomachs and usually defecate frequently. Another factor that may have contributed to the non productivity is the cows’ familiarity with humans.

He game has been rescheduled for August 16th, so if you happen to be in the vicinity of Burlington, South Carolina, stop in and check out cow patty bingo. It’s for a good cause!