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Almost anything and everything in this world is subject to humor of various sorts and bingo is no exception. Bingo players make fun of themselves and their favorite pastime with jokes, poems, limericks, and situational humor. Bingo is exceptionally popular in the United Kingdom and the UK is a veritable gold mine of bingo jokes and humor. Occasionally some jokes submitted by players in the UK require a translation for their American counterparts because of the differences in dialect.

BingoLingo has searched the web and online libraries in an attempt to have the most complete collection of bingo related jokes and humor to be found on the web. BingoLingo maintains four categories of bingo jokes, two generic categories ‘’more cool bingo jokes’ and ‘even more jokes’, Q and A jokes, Poems and Limericks, and a Bingo Prayer. All these have been gleaned from extensive, time consuming searches.

Bingo players as a whole are a very unique group and much of the humor collected reflects this. Statistics show that about 80% of bingo players are women and consequently a great deal of bingo humor is feminine. Bingo players, whether online or offline, love their game and also love to engage in sometimes self deprecating humor. It is a rare bingo player who does not possess a keen sense of humor.

Most people have a stereotypical image of the typical bingo player but the demographics of bingo defy these stereotypes. Once thought to be the exclusive domain of little old ladies in smoky church basements on is just as likely to find supermodel material in a bingo hall as one is likely to encounter the little old lady stereotype. A few of the jokes collected by BingoLingo reflect this phenomenon, in particular the ‘Bingo Card’ joke which combines bingo and marital infidelity with hilarious results.

The webmaster at BingoLingo is constantly searching for new bingo jokes and BingoLingo encourages readers to send their jokes to: webmaster at BingoLingo.com. In fact BingoLingo is offering players a really awesome t-shirt or a really cool sun visor for the best bingo jokes received. BingoLingo has also just added a brand new state-of-the-art free no download internet bingo game which can be accessed from the home page at BingoLingo.

As the old saying goes ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and recent medical science has borne this old adage out. People with a keen sense of humor have significantly longer life spans than do their dour counterparts. This could account, in part, for the relatively large number of bingo players of advanced age in great shape mentally and physically. A happy person is more likely to enjoy life and a correlation has been found linking a good sense of humor with longevity. Those who want a good laugh should go to BingoLingo and check out the jokes and don’t forget to play their free internet bingo games while you’re there.