Obama, McCain, and Online Bingo

This year’s presidential race is a real cliffhanger. Different polls show both candidates in the lead and it is virtually impossible to call the race at this time. On the right, conservative voters seem unhappy with McCain, and the left is disappointed with many of Obama’s positions on various issues. Many voters are single issue oriented and tend to vote for a candidate based on a single issue that is important to them. Since the passage of the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 bingo players and gamblers in general have been left in limbo and many of these voters are extremely interested in the candidate’s positions on internet gambling.

While Mr. McCain’s position on sports betting is clear, (he is against it) his position on internet gambling and bingo is not clear. While McCain has a reputation as a maverick within his own party, during this presidential race he may have to pander to right wing religious elements in his party to have a chance of success with these issue voters.

Obama has not taken a clear position on internet gambling either but he is seen as more open to the possibility of regulating and taxing internet gambling. Obama has a reputation as a skilled poker player and has been endorsed by Doyle Brunson, ten time winner of the World Series of Poker. Obama is perceived as being more open to the legalization of online gambling including bingo.

Who do internet bingo players prefer? The online bingo portal BingoLingo.com has conducted an informal poll and the results reflect the preferences of online bingo players. In the race between Obama and John McCain 67% prefer Obama while only 17.5% would vote for McCain. These results clearly reflect the views of most of the online gaming community.

Mr. McCain and the GOP in general are perceived by most players of internet bingo games and gamblers in general as unfriendly towards gambling of any sort. There are many Republicans of a libertarian bent who support the legalization of online gambling but they do not comprise a majority in the GOP. The GOP is split between conservatives who stand for smaller government and less government regulation of personal behavior, and social conservatives who seek government intervention into the private lives of citizens.

Since Mr. Obama has a reputation as a relatively skilled poker player he, and the Democratic Party are seen as more sympathetic to the legalization and regulation of online gambling such as bingo and poker. While the BingoLingo poll is not scientific it does reflect what other gaming websites are saying. Many gambling portals and websites have featured articles and posts by Republicans who are going to vote Democratic for the first time based on the online gambling issue.

No matter whom you plan to vote for and no matter what your party affiliation BingoLingo welcomes you as a visitor and participant. Log on to the home page and vote in our poll and while you’re there treat yourself to some free bingo with our fantastic free bingo game—and don’t forget to vote!