Yahoo Bingo

Many people are aware of Yahoo as one of the top search engines, but most are unaware of the numerous games Yahoo provides free of charge. Yahoo provides several free bingo games that rival any games provided by paid bingo sites. Online bingo is a game of pure chance where players attempt to match randomly picked numbers to the numbers on their bingo cards with a 5 X 5 grid. In addition to the traditional diagonal, horizontal, or vertical patterns, other more exotic patterns may be selected. These patterns may be based loosely on letters, or object. When the player matches all the numbers in a particular pattern, bingo is declared.

While most Yahoo games are 75 ball bingo a special 90 ball version is available for players in the UK and Ireland where 90 ball bingo is immensely popular. Players may play up to eight cards at a time increasing the chances of winning. In the UK, and Ireland, players may play for real money while online gambling remains illegal in the US due to the ill advised Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. There is also an Australian version that is free and no prizes are offered.

One Yahoo bingo game available to US players is their version of “Saints and Sinners Bingo”. Saints and Sinner Bingo is more than simply listening to the numbers being called and then marking off the appropriate spot on your Bingo card. In this game, you get to choose your character and you play against some really wacky Bingo players. With Saints and Sinner Bingo, you can win charms along the way, and then use those good luck charms to help you out anytime it looks like you’re not doing so well. Saints and Sinners bingo is a unique form of bingo. First, it is competitive unlike traditional bingo. Second, the only place to play is online. The characters have catchy names and the dialog between characters can be very humorous. You will be playing with other people in 20 cities across the country. This is a very fast paced game and if you’re not on your toes you won’t stand a chance. The Yahoo version requires a quick easy download which only takes about three minutes.

For UK, Ireland, and other European Yahoo Bingo players, the selection of games rivals that of many professional internet bingo sites. Yahoo bingo games require a download and players have a choice of programs used. In addition to online bingo Yahoo offers online games in several categories including, card games, board games, fantasy sports, emulated arcade games, and word games such as scrabble.

In addition to Yahoo’s bingo games some sites such as BingoLingo offer interested player’s free online bingo. For those new to online bingo these free games are a perfect way to become familiar with the workings of online bingo and other games. Internet bingo games keep getting better as time goes by and they are worth checking out.