Online Bingo Tips

Online bingo is a pastime that is sweeping the world – just like Texas Hold em online did a few years ago – and with good reason. There are few activities where you can spend time in the comfort of your own home, be social and meet people and win money all at the same time. Online bingo is one of them, and the friendly atmosphere is a big plus compared to most us online poker rooms, where there can be a lot of bad language and such. When you want to play bingo online, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Auto Daubing in Online Bingo

Many people like to play multiple bingo cards and they like the action to come fast. At a live bingo hall, this means you also have to have good ears/eyes and fast hands. This is not so in online bingo. Set the software to auto daub, and whenever you hit a number, it will be automatically marked off for you, so you never miss a bingo. You can even set some bingo games to order your cards with the one closest to bingo at the far left for easy viewing.

Choosing a Type of Online Bingo

Keep in mind there are different variations of internet bingo. There’s 75-ball bingo, which utilizes the five-by-five cards most familiar to American players. There’s also 90-ball bingo, which uses the nine-by-three tickets that European players are accustomed to. Online you may also find 80-ball bingo, which features four-by-four shutter boards as your game cards.

Chat in Online Bingo

A feature unique to online bingo is the chat feature, where players can get to know each other and congratulate each other on getting bingo. This is also the place where the “chat moderator” may offer “chat games,” additional bingo games that players can earn prizes with, so keep an eye on that chat box.