Play Palin Bingo!

Millions of Americans watched with rapt attention the recent Vice Presidential debates between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin. Many of those watching were playing a new twist on an old game-Palin Bingo. Occasionally it appears as if Ms. Palin is incapable of a coherent answer to questions asked and resorts to catch phrases or ‘buzzwords’ as in the infamous interview with Katie Couric which became the subject of a Saturday Night Live sketch. Palin is providing a cure for voter apathy; conservatives love her while liberals are contemptuous. Rarely has a Vice Presidential debate attracted so many viewers with an estimated 50 million viewers watching.

In the grand American tradition of political satire the inventors of Palin bingo are providing comic relief to a heated presidential race. As has been observed by many political commentators Ms. Palin has a habit of ignoring questions and launching into carefully scripted responses. The creators of Palin bingo have noted many of the catch phrases and buzzwords used by Ms. Palin.

The game is available online with printable cards. Each card contains selected phrases and buzzwords used by Ms. Palin arranged on a grid similar to a traditional bingo card. The Palin internet bingo website offers four different cards containing different phrases and buzzwords. Card number 1 contains words and phrases such as; glass ceiling, tax relief, Putin, family, God, Lipstick, hockey mom, and many others. Other cards contain such words and phrases as media ‘bias’, tax and spend, elites, pro life, creationism, pit bull, and others that have become associated with the Palin campaign.

While many outside the United States fail to see how voters can have such a cavalier attitude towards such an important election they fail to see the rich tradition of satire and political humor the United States has. Given the current financial crisis facing the United States, the citizens could use some much needed comic relief. For future events featuring Ms. Palin, the game may be downloaded at-http://www.palinbingo.com.

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