A Stunning Stroke Of Luck!

In an astounding stroke of luck a 53 year old woman won a bingo jackpot of $73,500 on her first visit to a local bingo hall. Susan Williams had recently moved to Torquay, Devon and was looking for something to do when her friend Sue Guppy suggested a visit to the local bingo hall. Ms. Williams had never played bingo before but accepted her friend’s invitation never suspecting she would leave the bingo hall as a rich woman.

The bingo game was proceeding with such speed and MS. Williams couldn’t keep up and was surprised when the caller announced that the huge jackpot had been won and the bingo hall was suddenly filled with cheering. In Ms. Williams own words; “Because I had never played before, Sue was looking after me. It’s such a fast game. Sue’s hand went up even before mine. She was saying that I had won but I didn’t realize how much. At first I thought it was about 5,000 Pounds but when I was told I thought ‘crickey what are they talking about’ and I went a bit peculiar. Then a brandy suddenly appeared.”

Ms. Williams who is retired said she is not sure how she will spend the money but indicated she will replace a malfunctioning mobile phone. Given the state of the economy in the UK the money will surely be a godsend for Ms. Williams. Bingo is wildly popular in the UK both online and in traditional bingo halls.

Attendance at UK bingo halls has declined recently due to the smoking ban and the taxation of bingo halls. Many bingo players have switched to internet bingo making online bingo one of the few growth industries in a faltering economy. Online bingo is easily one of the most popular games on the internet offering players of internet bingo games opportunities that land based bingo halls cannot match.

Online bingo welcomes new players and every month thousands of new players find out just how much fun online bingo really is. For the first time those without access to a bingo hall can log on and play to their hearts content. Who knows? You may be the next newbie to win big!