Bada Bingo Gives New Twist on Bingo

Let’s play BADA BINGO at WISEOZ.com (http://www.wiseoz.com/node/13652), where you’re the hitman and the hit! Inspired by good ‘ole fashioned BINGO, each player will have the opportunity each day to win prizes at WISEOZ.com as new members sign-up. BADA BINGO, a great internet bingo game, starts on Friday, November 14th and will run continuously until they reach 1,000 members.

WISEOZ.com (http://www.wiseoz.com) is a free contest-based and interest-oriented community where people win prizes, collaborate, socialize, and connect through moderated play-as-you-please community games called “WiseWits” (http://www.wiseoz.com/wisewits). You apply experience, creativity, and know-how to solve for clues (in the form of puzzles, image/video hunts, trivia, teasers, creative tasks, and riddles) by seeking out information or performing certain tasks. If you prefer analogies, it’s like The Rat Race meets The Da Vinci Code. To date, they have created and run over 100 fun and rewarding WiseWits, generating over 5,000 plays, and giving away more than 1,000 different prizes.

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