Bingo Hall Excitement in Virginia Beach

Most bingo players would not expect to find undercover police in a bingo hall. Bingo players are usually a law abiding lot who get their legal kicks from playing their favorite game. In fact bingo players are the last group one would suspect of any criminal behavior.

All that changed recently in Virginia Beach. Lorie A. Creekmore, a career criminal, was sought by police for over six years and was known as an avid bingo player. The 41 year old woman from Norfolk Virginia financed her bingo habit by passing bad checks at local businesses. Undercover detectives spent many an hour at local bingo halls in a fruitless search for Ms. Creekmore.

The search ended at a local bingo hall. (Where else?) Ms. Creekmore was arrested as she sat at a table in the Suburban Bingo Hall. The arrest ended a six year search and Ms Creekmore was charged with nine counts of passing bad checks and obtaining money under false pretenses. Ms. Creekmore is being held without bond at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center. She also faces similar charges in Newport News and Chesapeake Virginia.

Detectives had come close to arresting Ms. Creekmore several times but she always managed to slip away. Said Virginia Beach police spokesman Adam Bernstein, “They came close numerous times. She’s good.” She also may face additional charges.

The incident stands out mainly because most people do not associate bingo halls with criminal behavior and incidents at bingo halls are extremely rare. The game is exciting enough without the addition of police raids. Bingo is an exciting game loved by millions of players around the world. In addition to traditional bingo halls, internet bingo games have millions of players. In the UK alone, internet bingo is a half a billion dollar a year industry.

We congratulate the Virginia Beach Police on their success and who knows, maybe a few of those detectives who spent so much time in bingo halls will become avid bingo players. One can’t help but wonder if the police at the moment of the arrest were tempted to shout-Bingo!