100 Years Old and Still Playing Bingo!

Many studies have shown that playing bingo helps to keep the brain strong and is considered an effective way of training the memory. Bingo also can help to keep certain kinds of mental illness at bay. Recently in the UK two ladies, both big bingo fans, celebrated their 100th birthdays.

Amelia Turner of Cardiff celebrated her 100th birthday at a celebration held in a local bingo club. Those familiar with Ms Turner say she is still ‘sharp’. Ms. Turner’s daughter Violet said her mother is a big fan of bingo. She said, “My mother plays bingo in the (British Legion) club (in Rumney) every week and at the Castle Bingo club as well.” Violet added that her mother received lots of presents and cards at a celebration held at the club recently.

The second centenarian, Muriel Walton, is an avid bingo player and is a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother too. She is a very active lady and considers this to be why she has stayed in good health throughout her life. ”I don’t know what the key to making it to 100 is, you’ll have to ask the man upstairs, but I guess being active as often as I can has helped. I hate staying indoors. Up until I broke my leg a few years ago I would get on the bus to Brent Cross, go out for something to eat- anything to get out.” Ms. Walton received 100 days of free bingo from her favorite bingo club.

Is there a connection between bingo and longevity? No one really knows but playing bingo has been shown to keep the mind sharp and active. Congratulations to these two ladies and hopefully they will be playing bingo for years to come!

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